Inside Stories,

Textile Installation with photography by David Kimura

Inside Stories is an examination of preciousness and transience inspired by a mixed media painting, an antique black silk kimono and a cocoon, all motifs with significance in Northcott’s life and work. Snowberry branches suspend delicate silks, some digitally printed from the painting. The elements are remixed in the series of kimonos and cocoons that follow.

Snowberries thrive in the space between wild and cultivated. The small white berries may be perceived first as objects, dissolving into a starry pattern. Other patterns emerge in turn: perhaps light through small spaces, crossing of branches, dark negative space, warm then cools hues, a glimpse of the grid of wire fencing. Each aspect falls away, calling the next.

Working in Costa Rica at a co-operative raising butterflies Suzanne was astounded to learn that the caterpillar, having encased itself in the secret space of the pupae, liquifies. The resulting primordial goo carries genetic markers and reorders to form the butterfly. One thing passes away to give space to the next and there is both newness and continuity.

The elegant kimono, traded for a portrait decades ago, has appeared consistently in Northcott’s work with the figure, sometimes as a flat black form or as an unsentimental garment not tied to time or place. The last kimono, white silk chiffon tattered and ghostly, is mended as if in an a poignant effort to hold back time. It is cherished rather than disposable. Everything is in motion, on its way, both precious and ephemeral.

Inside Stories Antique Kimono Snowberries III Black Kimono Print Kimono Cocoon Unfolding Kimono Transition Kimono Transition Kimono Detail Ragged Kimono Ragged Kimono Detail Thread Cocoon Dancing Kimono


Crossing Boundary

Three channel video and sound installation, paintings, drawings, written material and artifacts at the Surrey Art Gallery explored the phenomenon of the migration of thousands of crows from Vancouver to their communal roost outside the city.

Rudy Kovanic cinematographer; Laurie Long, video editor and post-production coordinator; Jean Routier, sound designer; Rishma Dunlop, poet; and Rob Butler, biologist.
Date: July 30—Oct 9, 2005
Curator: Liane Davison

Crossing Boundary 1 Crossing Boundary 2 Crossing Boundary 3

Dream Room

Performance based installation at The Fort Gallery artists’ collective, Fort Langley, B.C. Following an exploration of Dream Yoga during her yoga teacher training, Northcott slept in the gallery every night for the duration of this show, on her own bed brought down from her living space which is located above the gallery. In the morning and/or when she woke in the night, she recorded her dreams by drawing and writing directly on the gallery walls. The public could enter the gallery/bedroom during regular gallery hours to see what had transpired the night before.
Date: March 21—April 8, 2007
Curator: Betty Spackman

Dream Room 1 Dream Room 2 Dream Room 3