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These pieces, from the Bog series and the Colony Farms work, use mark to explore the relationship between the deliberate and the surrendered; Pollock-like scribbles naturally reveal the energy behind their origin, whereas negative spaces are rendered with deliberation and photo-transferred imagery sits still like a caught moment. I am asking, “when might I be completely surrendered to the movement of life through me and when more intentional, willful? What does each look like and are the differences real or perceived?”

Here is what I was thinking making the Bog pieces…

Bog. I love the word, like God, only earthy. It’s the perfect word for this place that feels so magical and at the same time so detached. The bog doesn’t have a Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon kind of impact, its style is more of an unfolding, a presence that rewards attention. The bog is a metaphor for itself, pointing beyond itself, beneath itself to dark layers of process, one thing becoming another.

Red Willow I Red Willow II Red Willow III A Place in Mind Bog Grass Fall Drive-by Rose I Drive-by Rose II Feather Drawing I Feather Drawing II Feather Drawing III Feather Float Hive I Hive II Instar Lavender Nest Median Rose Rabbit for Linda Raven's Nest Branchwork I Copper Nest Copper Shift Holding Ground Moonbranch Moss Nest Sea Glimpse Sea Nest Vineworks Asylum 1 Lucy Bog Grass Lightshot Bog Grass Nesting I Nesting II Grassworks II New Bog Grass


The most recent pieces here use the figure at life scale to explore questions of figure/ground relationship.  My statement relating to this work is on my blog.  My stints at El Bosque Nuevo butterfly farm in Costa Rica inspired an earlier group of pieces around transformation. 

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Silver Tabby Black Shoes Lucy White Nightshirt Zoe Floats Blue Chair Embrace Katie Lucy Silk Slip Cloud Forest Pine Molting Rose Roses and Ruin I & II Nest Babies Blessing Holding Light Peter Blue Butterflies Cabinet II Sidewalk Maple Keys I Hanging Keys


Before 2005

The first body of work in this period relates to my exhibit at the Surrey Art Gallery, “Crossing Boundary”, exploring the daily migration of Vancouver’s crow population to their communal roost.  Also here are works from my ongoing collaborative history with poet Rishma Dunlop as well as series called “Evening Fields”, inspired in part by an encounter with Barnett Newman’s painting, “The Voice” at MOMA, NY.

Crowdreams 1 Nest Little Nest Crowdreams 2 Siding Platform Cradle Hedgerow Vespers Copper Moon Evening Fields 1 Evening Fields 2 Evening Fields 5 Evening Fields 3 Evening Fields 4 Evening Fields 6 Holding Space Crossing 1 & Crossing 2 Breaking the Line Linda Sotto Voce 1 Sotto Voce 2 Sotto Voce 3 Sotto Voce 4 The Red Chair Rebecca Etc. The Stream Stretching Crumpled Wings